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Insect and Weed Control
insects and diseases in turf and ornamentals

Nothing is more frustrating than having a beautiful landscape and seeing the plants or turf start dying for no apparent reason. Late spring is the time of year when we start seeing more adverse insect activity. The more common are whiteflies on the gardenias and ligustrum, aphids on the daylilies and crepe myrtles, scale on camellias and hollies, lacewings on azaleas. It’s also not uncommon to see Japanese beetles on some shrub roses. Midsummer we will start to see chinchbug, spittlebug, and mole cricket damage to turf. When we have cool, moist, and humid weather, the conditions are optimum for disease development which if not checked can ruin the blooms on your plants or take out whole stands of turf.

If you are having a problem and would like some help with identification and treatment, we have licensed applicators that can help you.



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