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Landscape Maintenance
for southeast Georgia

When you sign up for our maintenance program you can be assured we’re not just a mow and blow company. Along with mowing and trimming your turf, edging the walks, drives and shrub beds, doing the shrub pruning and fire ant mound treatments, our maintenance technicians are trained to notice irregularities and potential problems in the landscape.

In most cases the products needed for control are carried in the maintenance trailers and can be applied immediately by the technician. We only schedule on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so your property will be serviced on the same day of the week every week.

For your convenience we utilize levelized billing so you will pay one amount per month for twelve months for whatever services you would like included.

Some clients have certain ways they want their lawn mowed or a certain shrub trimmed. That’s not a problem. We can put recurring notes on the route sheets so that every technician will know exactly how you like your landscape serviced. With us you will receive quality, consistent and professional landscape maintenance.



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