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Here in Georgia, before you even think about installing trees and shrubs, you should have an irrigation system installed. Irrigation is one area that a lot of contractors cut corners on. A row of full circle turf heads in the front that spray out in the road and up on the house is not much better than none at all. We’ve even seen indoor thermostat wire run underground to the valves outdoors that was installed by a supposedly reputable company.

A properly designed system will not waste water and will have at least 70% matched precipitation. This is accomplished by proper nozzle selection, head to head spacing and the correct run times.

All systems installed by us are installed with Schedule 40 PVC pipe with swing assemblies on all heads. The swing assemblies keep the heads and pipe from being damaged if they should be run over and make it so we can install the head level and flush with the soil. We use Schedule 40 PVC pipe rather than thin wall pipe because we have done repairs where tree roots ¼” in diameter have looped over the thin wall pipe and cracked it. On the systems we install, the valves are grouped together in one box. This way you have one wire connection at the valve box and one at the controller. By doing this you have a lot less potential for wire problems than if you had wire strung all through the yard to all the valves spaced out.

All systems we install have a master valve that shuts off the water to the system when it is through watering. The probability of the master valve and another valve malfunctioning at the same time and you having water that won’t shut off is almost zero. The turf heads we use have the SAM (seal-a-matic) device which holds the water back in the pipe after the zone has watered and prevents the water running out the low head and creating a wet spot after every time it runs.

We use Rainbird’s easy to program modular controllers so that should you want to add to your system, all you have to do is install another module rather than having to replace your whole controller. Should you want to irrigate from a pond or stream, we can easily install a submersible pump and relay. Nothing is exposed and the water is pre-screened. The controller will still turn everything on and off.

To water shrubs and trees we almost always use drip irrigation. Using drip you have no evaporation, less disease because you’re not wetting the foliage and no discoloration of your mulch because you are watering beneath it. Also there are no unsightly pipes sticking up around the foundation of your home waiting to get broke off. Tall plants don’t grow up and block the water from short ones because with drip each plant has its own emitter sized for that plant’s water requirements.

Irrigation is priced based on how many heads you need, how many zones there will be and what size controller you will need. When we come out we will put out flags to determine how many heads will be required and check your water source to determine the volume and pressure. This will enable us to give you a price based on known quantities rather than an estimated guess.



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