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Environmental Commitment

Landscaping is all about helping care for this earth that was so intelligently created and then entrusted to us to take care of. We believe in working with nature as much as possible while creating landscapes that not only add beauty but also benefit the environment.

Water is one of our natural resources that seems to be getting more scarce. We believe in designing and installing smart efficient irrigation systems that only puts water where it’s needed. We also offer rainwater harvesting and permeable paving to further lessen the pressure on the municipal storm water systems.

We try to improve the soil so that the turf and ornamentals are growing vigorously enough to fight off disease and insects which lessens the dependence on chemicals. We offer an organic option to increasing soil fertility so that you don’t have to depend on synthetic fertilizers.

We practice integrated pest management which is only applying chemicals when there is a target pest present whose numbers have exceeded acceptable levels. All our plant buckets are taken back to the nursery and re-used. Worn blades are recycled.

Our goal is to help create and work within systems that have already been created so that all this beauty that we enjoy will be able to also be enjoyed by the generations following.




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