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Georgia Aeration and Topdressing
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Most people recognize the benefits of fertilizing and spraying their lawns to kill the weeds but not everyone is familiar with aeration.

Aeration can greatly increase your turf’s vigor by allowing air, water, and nutrients to more easily get to the root zone while at the same time relieving the compaction and speeding up the decomposition of the thatch. St. Augustine especially will benefit from aeration as it likes a looser soil to grow in. If you have heavy clay soil you can combine aeration with topdressing and get compost incorporated into the soil.

Aeration is a onetime expense that adds value for the entire season. Give your turf a breath of air. Aerate!

Aeration / Top dressing


Topdressing is the process by which compost is evenly applied over the lawn to help increase water absorption, aid in speeding up the decomposition of the thatch, incorporate organic material into the soil, and help jump start the microbial activity in the soil.

Topdressing turf is usually done once per year following core aeration. Topdressing with compost increases the porosity of the soil thereby allowing air and water to more easily travel deeper into the root zone of the turf.

After topdressing for two years you should see water required for irrigating turf drop by as much as 50%. Compost has different forms of organic nitrogen that release slowly thereby allowing you to have a pretty green turf without additional applications of synthetic fertilizers.

A good healthy turf chokes out most weeds which will decrease the amount of chemicals which need to be applied. Since you are watering less, the chance of getting diseases is also reduced. Once a year topdressing more than pays for itself by the water and fertilizer savings while you get the added benefit of having a strong healthy lawn that is growing naturally.



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